Maximize your EMR investment with your telehealth 2.0 solution

Is your telehealth smart enough? VirtuVisit™ has formed an exciting new relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). With AWS support, VirtuVisit brings the reliability of Chime, Echo, and other AWS services to a seamless interface that is simple for both patients and providers to navigate. VirtuVisit is a web-based tool that integrates with the Epic health record system and does not require additional application downloads. As we move toward the future, VirtuVisit enables you to upgrade to a Telehealth 2.0 solution, allowing you to provide smarter, more equitable care. Providers can spend less time providing tech support and more time on patient care.

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Leapfrog the Provider and Patient Experience

“VirtuVisit, a Compass™ | Connect telehealth solution, harnesses the power of EMR, Amazon Chime, and other AWS solutions to deliver quick-access telehealth experience that today’s consumers expect…”

– Kevin Carr, CEO


Amazon Echo technology uses proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and sentiment analysis to provide insight into care delivery. The tool recognizes keywords, voice inflections, and more to see if all patients receive the same quality of care.


VirtuVisit harnesses the power of Amazon Chime to create a cohesive telehealth solution leveraging 100% AWS scalable infrastructure. It offers game-changing virtual care by supporting a seamless video and voice telehealth experience while also layering in other AWS services to automate and enhance workflows across Windows, Mac, web, iOS, and Android devices.