Compass™ was developed by Edera, which operates the National Coordination Center’s Industry Best Practice Advisor network. Industry Best Practice Advisors bring unique and highly specific skills to each of our projects, allowing us to deliver quicker client outcomes.

Edera developed the Compass platform and applications to help manage, inform, and advance services to some of the largest organizations in the world. Using our Fusion℠ methodology, we integrated best practice workflows and innovation into Compass, helping us repeatedly deliver five-star client satisfaction. We are now making this tool available directly to organizations of all sizes, allowing all domains (e.g., health care, financial services, retail) to use a proven suite of robust tools that equips them to reimagine how employees perform work internally and engage with clients externally.

Through our partnerships with Salesforce, Amazon, and Adobe, we fuse industry-leading FedRAMP- and HIPAA-eligible technologies to form a single comprehensive solution that meets public and private sector requirements while delivering best-of-breed functionality. Compass is in action today supporting scalable industry best practice change management and project management methodologies at several of the largest organizations in the world.

The agile nature of Compass and the ingenuity of our founders will continue to evolve the solution to grow and adapt our offerings. We are real people solving real problems with technology that works. Join the Compass family today to deliver faster and better outcomes than ever before.