Supercharged Change Management Solution

Compass™ | Change Navigator is an all-inclusive change management app that rolls multiple functions into a single, strong solution. With one module or a combination of service offerings, the app’s centralized platform offers the flexibility and scalability to drive change of any magnitude.

Compass | Change Navigator not only supports people, process, and technology changes to augment in-person interactions, but it also is a powerful tool to have when being face-to-face is difficult or impossible. Compass | Change Navigator enables rapid change and accountability in a dispersed environment while delivering a more tailored stakeholder experience.

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Unique User Journeys

Provide comprehensive customizable workflows that set a clear path forward for executive leaders, middle managers, and end users to follow so that they are aware, educated, and prepared for change.

Personalized User Experiences

Properly place people on the happy path toward proficiency in and acceptance of the upcoming change by mapping change management activities to their own personal user journeys.

Robust Reporting

Arm leaders and staff with tools that provide visibility into user participation to offer real-time data-rich perspectives so that they can address deficiencies in user engagement. These tools also can build in mitigation paths that clearly define next steps.

Course of Action

Leverage tools to quickly identify which change management phase specific users are in, enabling you to pinpoint the type of engagement necessary to best serve users.